Six Guns Mod Apk Download Latest 2020 (100% Working)

Six guns mod apk is an adventure and action game. This game is designed by the developers of Gameloft. This game revolves around the main character that lost his memory and came back in senses in a desert.

Six Guns Mod Apk

But he doesn’t know how he comes up here. He had family in the past, but now everything is gone. He tries to come out of grief with the help of alcohol and go to the nearest village to get some drink. He shocked to see the women of the village crying for help and there the exciting adventure starts.

The six guns game free download is free to play, but it requires money if players want to upgrade their weapons and equipment to fight with criminals and enemies and increases the charm of the game.

Gameplay – Six Guns Mod Apk Unlimited Money

It’s a fantastic cowboy theme game with a lot of exciting tasks that include the elimination of immoral bandits. The hero is not only a good shooter; he is a great horse rider and has an excellent hand to hand combat skills.

six guns mod apk download

In this game, all the missions are associated with the shooting, but the hero shoots the people who deserve it. He never expects to kill innocent people. Every task comes with a different exciting background. As you clear the mission, you will know more about the past of the hero.

Different criminal groups attack the local sheriff, and it is not possible by the sheriff to solely defeat those groups. Therefore, he asked for help from the hero. Gamers have to do a bloody confrontation with criminals, beat them, and save a beautiful lady. As a reward, players get a token of gratitude to play the lottery and get a chance to upgrade or get new weapons.

Now the hero is free from all the obligations that he had in the past, and the world welcomes him heartedly. In the game, the hero can go in any direction, but every step will take you in different dangerous adventures and hateful offenders.

six guns mod apk latest version

The local community suffers badly with the behavior of criminals and their attacks. The hero is the only person who can restore justice and help the local community to get rid of the cruelty of criminals. Gamers are free to join the battle and get abundant victories over the evil.

If the gamers defeat the real criminals and eliminate their presence entirely, they can go to graveyards and fight with death and ghosts. Fight with their laughter with cold blood runs in the veins. The situation is very natural and qualitative in itself.

It is challenging to fight without a variety of elixirs and drugs. All you need is to purchase some necessary items with real money to compete with evils. The rest of the six-gun apk mod is free to play with a fantastic quality of voice and colorful graphics.

You can get a six-gun free download option here by clicking on the download link.


Features – Six Guns Mod Apk Latest Version

  • After completion of every mission of the six-gun gang showdown, gamers get coins as a reward, but they are required to upgrade the weapons and other equipment.
  • There are eight horses and nineteen guns, and every upgrade will require some coins or sheriff stars.
  • Gamers also have the option to choose from different upgrades like clothing and health boosters, but they have to pay a nominal fee against them in real money


Six gun mods come with a well-crafted touchscreen interface that is easy to use and navigate and allow the gamers to open a map, discharge the sidearm and call the horse by pressing the single button. Combat is agreeably straightforward with the help of the auto-aim system that is effective in finding the target practice.

six guns mod apk unlimited money

Auto-aim helps the players for locking crosshair of weapons onto the criminals and enemies to shoot at them. It allows the players to hit the target automatically without any manual aiming at them.

Players also have the option to switch off the auto-aiming from the menu options. There is also an option to adjust the strength of the auto-aim option by moving the slider.

Six guns apk start well by ensuring that the gamers will get all the necessary information about the controls and game mechanics. But different mods begin to appear after completing some missions due to varying types of objectives, and most of the goals fall in the same temple.

Graphics and Sound – Six Guns Mod Apk 2020

Six guns apk also has significant graphical aspects. The graphics seem good and comes with many things on it that are only cool and make this game among the best graphic games ever. It is not similar to that of standard shooting game type. Therefore, you can notice a clear difference between this game and a different kind of action games.

The graphics bring life to the gaming world. There are different locations spread out in the west, which show the muted weather-beaten colours. All the characters in this game are designed in a perfect way that reflects the action of characters.

Six guns gang showdown apk provides a beautiful environment to play the game like the real feeling of the world. The interactions are crafty, and Gameloft considers the mobile environment while designing the game.

When talking about the sound effects, the six guns android game provides an excellent quality of sound that added the feelings of real voices in the game.


Frequently Asked Questions

How to install six guns mod apk?

You can easily install the six guns apk in the following steps:

  • Download six guns mod apk and data in the form of a zip file
  • Extract the zip file with the help of any zip manager
  • Install the six guns mod apk but don’t open it
  • Move the extracted game folder to root folder >android>obb.
  • Launch the six guns game and play.

How to get six guns apk?

Six guns apk game is an android game and available on google play store, or you can download this game here. Moreover, this game is possible to play on PC as well with the following simple steps:

  • Download any android emulator software, but we recommend using Andy. It is free to download and use.
  • Install the Andy software by clicking on the setup file.
  • Sign up with a simple process and login with the Google play store account.
  • Search the six guns apk and start download there
  • Install the game and enjoy playing on PC with the help of a keyboard and mouse.

How to get free sheriff stars in six guns?

There are different ways through which you can get sheriff stars, but they may require real money. You can try this method to get some free sheriff stars:

  • Find and press the gold icon
  • Watch all the movies to get sheriff stars for free
  • When there is no movie left, keep pressing the button up to 20 times
  • Use the cross button to get into the lottery
  • Again, press the cross button after getting into the lottery
  • Check your sheriff star that is increased
  • Repeat the process to get more stars

This process may not work for some users, but they can try by changing the date and try again. Hopefully, they will get the result.

How to play six guns?

This adventure game comes with a kill or gets killed in the environment. Therefore, players have to make sure about their safety while traveling in Buck cross Shaw’s journey. Players can ride on different eight types of horses and can defeat the enemies in the way to get high powered weapons.

Players have to complete forty missions with different challenges and backgrounds. They have to fight with a horde of robbers and criminals. Gamers also have the option of character customization by changing the outfits and can upgrade their equipment and weapons by spending coins or real money to increase the fun.

How to save progress in six guns?

In this game, players have the option to save their progress and achievements by connecting online game center account. This will help to start from the previous point when players can change the phone. The game center saves the game progress automatically and allows the players to access this data on any other android device.

Moreover, players can share their progress and achievements with their friends and also watch the progress of their friends.

How to fix six guns crashing on pc?

Most of the problems associated with the six-gun game are due to lack of sufficient system resources or maybe due to lack of reliable internet connection with ISP. There are also chances present for insufficient bandwidth.

To avoid the crashing problems while playing, the game must close all the un-necessary third-party applications or programs running on the PC. This will help to free up the RAM of the PC and provide more space to run the game properly. Closing the third-party programs and applications helps to free up the memory and also increases the internet speed.

Where do I find raccoons in six guns?

The raccoon is a small animal that is usually found in the east of Socorro town. It is a kind of animal loot that gamers can get them in different quests after killing them.

Oregon, near the waterfall, is the best place to get the beavers, and it is also an excellent spot to get a raccoon.

How to download six guns?

There are different ways for six guns mod apk download, but you can get this game here for free. Just click on the link to get the latest version with many free features and mod version without any cost.

How to kill the barman in six guns?

Buck has come to know that barman has hired a group of grave robbers in Socorro town. He tries to get information about barman from the town that has bandits equipped with knives or fists to kill him.

After fighting with robbers and defeating them, buck asked the barman why he does so. The barman told him that his son and wife were kidnapped by the robbers, and they will kill him if he does not co-operate with them.

Buck asks why they took the body of your wife, but he didn’t tell him about it because he was lying with the buck. Buck smashed his head against the counter and killed him because he has no other option instead of executing the barman.

How to cheat in six guns lottery?

Players have to play the lottery in the game to get the coins and sheriff stars for free but with limited turns. Players can get a new turn with every new day.

For cheating in the lottery and get more chances of getting free coins and sheriff stars, gamers change the date manually, and with the change of date, they got another turn to play the lottery.

Six guns how to kick on pc?

Players can play the game on PC with the help of different android emulator software. Just download six guns mod apk in your PC by using android emulator software and download six guns mod apk in a zip format and unzip the file in the root folder to install and play the game.

How to change the language in six guns?

To change the language preferences, you have to check the selected region on the start screen by clicking on the settings. Click on the format tab and select the language you want to choose, i.e., English (the United States or the United Kingdom).

Click on the language preferences and select your language as the first language. From the region window, you can select your country in the additional settings.